Vitrum Guard

Properties: easy to apply, long lasting effect, hydrophobic properties (water repellent), protects the surface so that it can be easily cleaned using water, antistatic effect.

Application: before treatment the surface should be clean and dry. The liquid is sprayed on and spread using nylon glove or bag. Let it dry! The treated surface is cleaned with wet and dry cloth or paper afterwards. For better effect perform the steps again.

Usage: cars, window glass, glass paravans, vitrine, glass tables, etc.

Packaging: 500 mL bottle spray.


Vitrum Guard Anti-Fog

Anti-Fog agent for glass surfaces

Properties: easy to apply, makes the treated glass resistant to fogging, long lasting effect.
Important – avoid contact of the treated glass with water (the applied anti-fog film is water soluble).

Window glass and mirror
Spray the agent on a dry cloth or paper and wipe the glass. Let the rest of the liquid dry on the glass. Afterward, polish the glass with dry cloth or paper. In case the fog keeps forming on the glass, employ the treatment suggested for car glass.

Car glass
Directly spray the agent on the glass from its inner side (do not use it on the outer side). Spread it well on the glass with a dry cloth or a piece of paper, and let the rest of the liquid dry directly on the glass. The dried remains on the glass are than polished with a dry cloth.

For a real effect the procedure has to be performed more than once.

Usage: Window glass or glass walls (shop window, coffee bar) from the inner side, bathroom mirrors and car glass from the inner side.
Packaging: 500 mL bottle spray.

Vitrum Guard Auto

Waxing agent for auto glass


summer + winter formula


Pour the whole content of the bottle in min 1 to max 2 L cleaning car glass agent or distilled water. Weak opalescence is normal to occur during mixing. In the course of driving, spray over the windshield and use the car wipes to clean and at the same time modify the glass.

Use it exclusively in diluted form! 

Properties: the windshield becomes hydrophobic, meaning that water drops (during rain and storm) easily slide along the glass, particularly when driving at higher speeds. At the same time the glass becomes easier to clean from insects.

Usage: auto glass, after dilution (as explained previously) and its addition in the cleaning glass agent liquid reservoir. In the winter period, add it exclusively to the cleaning car glass agent designated for this period of the year!

Packaging: plastic bottle of 100 mL